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How Zebra’s EC50 empowers the workforce to increase enterprise productivity

Businesses are constantly trying to boost productivity with automated solutions to increase scanning speeds, connect dynamic supply chains, and cut out wasted labor and repetitive tasks.  All these goals can be achieved with a versatile modernization solution like Zebra’s new, sleek, EC50 mobile computer. Fulfill your enterprise goals with a versatile device, built to tackle…

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Managing your temperature-sensitive inventory just got easier. Here’s why:

While almost half of today’s warehouses are gravitating towards RFID tracking to establish operational visibility, there are other equally efficient solutions when it comes to temperature management. Standing as a cost-effective method to expand visibility, Zebra’s new electronic temperature tracking solutions combine wireless efficacy, enterprise-grade durability, and facilitated data sharing into one highly customizable solution…

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Zebra’s Wearable Technologies: Reimagining Warehouse Workflows


In a year when warehouses have been dealing with COVID-19, lockdowns, and social distancing, we could all use a good news story. We definitely have one with Zebra wearable technologies and its HD4000 head-up display. Zebra’s HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display and other wearable technologies are helping warehouse workers achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency…

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