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RS419 - Wearable Ring Scanner

  Enable your workers with next generation hands-free scanning to improve operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center or retail store with the RS419 ring-style scanner. Paired with our wearable mobile computers, the RS419 provides hands-free freedom — no longer will workers waste time setting an item down to check a paper work order or picking up a handheld device to scan a bar code. Productivity increases — you can handle more volume without adding more staff. Workers get the valuable double-checks they need to ensure task accuracy. And real-time inventory information provides the visibility needed to reduce out-of-stocks.

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Features and Benefits
• Hands-free scanning
• SE966 scan engine
• Wide working range
• Superior trigger ergonomics
• Die cast zinc scan engine chassis, single board
  construction, scan engine isolation
• Separate finger strap assembly
• Swivel feature

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