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Printek FormsPro 4600

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FormsPro 4600

  The FormsPro 4600 Series printers can solve your toughest printing problems and automate most paper-handling functions.

With the FormsPro Series, you’ll print with greater legibility and unsurpassed reliability.

The FormsPro 4600 Series features:
• A draft speed up to 530 cps, which prints a typical 1,000-character document in less than five seconds. That's over 700 documents per hour!
• Auto-switching power supply—can work domestically and internationally, and it weighs less!
• FP4600 has single set of tractors while the FP4603 has our patented Tri-Trak system that allows for three different set of tractors to be loaded!
• Superior legibility—even on 9-part forms. Auto-Gap feature adjusts the printhead according to form thickness.
• Easy-load, tilt-up top to simplify loading, and straight-up paper path eliminates the problem of forms buckling and jamming.
• A paper jam sensor to permit reliable, unattended operation.
• Optical sensor prevents printhead from printing beyond the edges of the loaded form.

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