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 Omnii XT15f
Psion Omnii XT15f

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The Right Device for Cold Chain Operations

  Cold chain work demands a special breed of handheld device, tough enough to withstand subzero temperatures, ice buildup and freezing condensation.

The XT15f thrives in this unforgiving environment, with ice-resistant keyboards, heated displays and scan window defoggers.

It comes in two models. The XT15f Chiller is built for -20°C / -4°F environments, while the XT15f Arctic is designed for -30°C / -22°F environments.

So even in amazingly cold conditions, your workers can access the real-time information they need to streamline inventory management.

Ready for Your Coldest Environments
The Omnii XT15f builds on the Omnii adaptable platform, adding features that enable your workers to achieve flawless fulfillment in the coldest corners of your supply chain — from the loading dock to a freezer in an ice cream manufacturing plant to an outdoor yard in the arctic cold of a wintery day.

Features and Benefits
• The right mobile device for different cold chain environments with Chiller and
   Arctic models
• Rugged design for superior reliability and TCO
• A class-leading keyboard that delivers superior usability
• Industry leading bar code scanning
• Flexible wireless connectivity options
• Maximize value with maximum uptime

Psion Omnii XT15f
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