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Efficiency You Can Feel

Zebra's Wearable Devices

With nearly three decades of experience serving specialized industries like  warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and retail, Millennium Technologies is the premier partner for wireless technology solutions. We leverage our partnership with Zebra Technologies, and their  expansive portfolio of products, to construct end-to-end visibility solutions that meet your goals.

    WT6400 Wearable Computers

    The Next Generation of Hands-Free Wearable Computing

    • Precise Photos
      Take photos as smoothly as you would with your cellphone. They’re built with a high-resolution 13 MP side camera that is angled at 22°, allowing the display to stay in the natural line of sight.
    • Superior Sustainability
      They are built with more than 40% post-consumer recycled plastics—and without many major environmental toxins. Their Corning® Gorilla® Glass display is durable and sustainable, as they’re made from 22% recycled glass. Their packaging is 90% biodegradable and made from recycled materials.
    • Maximally Modern
      They are built with a next-gen Qualcomm® processor and 2x the memory to deliver the power to support the applications of today and tomorrow.

    WT5400 Wearable Computers

    Comfort and Productivity Brought to All-Day Hands-Free Workers

    • Relentlessly Reliable
      They’re drop-proof, tumble-proof, waterproof, and dustproof. Their display is shatter- and scratch-proof. Their tough design is tailored to last for years, delivering an amazing return on investment.
    • Pristine Power
      The standard battery is designed to power an entire shift. Its extended battery is able to provide even longer operation.
    • Streamlined Simplicity
      With the innovative collection of applications that contain countless ready-to-use tools of the Zebra-only Mobility DNA, integration, security, deployment, management, and usage have never been so simple.

    RS2100 Wearable Scanners

    The World’s Smallest Enterprise Wearable Scanner

    • Rapidly Ready
      They mount comfortably fits hands of all sizes.
    • Sensational Scanning
      Built with a high-performance scan engine with PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology that empowers split-second capture of virtually any  1D/2D barcode.
    • Small & Strong
      They weigh just over an ounce. It is only 0.57 in high, allowing effortless picking—even in the tightest spaces.

    Power Up
    Your Performance

    The GO Zebra Trade-In Program was designed to make upgrading to newer  technology, rebates, and savings as easy as possible. Unlock your business’ full  potential with these simple steps:

    1. Reach out to Millennium Technologies
    2. Fill out a rebate form
    3. Send in your old devices
    4. Expect a rebate check
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