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Over 80% of warehouse leaders have plans to expand their returns management operations, add value-added services, and utilize task interleaving processes all within the next 5 years. This means that your business needs to implement new processes to stay ahead of the competition. This can be a difficult task to complete due to rising labor turnover rates, fast-paced technological advancements, higher need for quicker turnaround, and the development of newer fulfillment strategies. In other words, there is a lot at stake for your business. However, business could be missing out on increased operational visibility while overlooking crucial changes and opportunities within their organization. Advanced visibility can provide timely updates and proactive measures to stop downtime and costly inefficiencies before they affect the supply chain.


Luckily, the Zebra Warehouse Maturity Model brochure can help you discover how ready your business is to implement visibility advancements and how to mature towards the next steps.


Here are 5 ways warehouses can plan on growing to meet emerging customer expectations:


  1. Secure control of your business operations by increasing productivity with ultra-rugged scanning, reliable printing, and Android mobile computing. Boost transactional mobility data in most processes and extend data capture.
  2. Optimize mobility use that connects workers with aggressive data capture and workflow insights to achieve a top-notch mobility strategy.
  3. Magnify real-time visibility use with targeted automated data capture that increases compliance and reduces delays.
  4. Implement a regular use of real-time visibility with location-aware data capture that enables automated alerts so your decision-making is expertly guided. Analyze edge data to direct resources and improve operations in real-time.
  5. Achieve predictive and adaptive operations with an intelligent automation interface that strengthens proactive performance improvement. Anticipate and adapt in real time to ever-changing supply chain and customer needs.

Listen to our pre-recorded webinar to learn more about your journey to increasing real-time visibility in your warehouse.


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