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It’s crucial that your business keeps up on inventory technology for better shopping experiences, seamless workflows, accelerated order fulfillment. In Zebra’s newly released 2021 Global Shopper Study, 80% of retail executives and 64% of associates agreed that better inventory management tools are needed to improve accuracy and availability of goods. Therefore, to remain competitive in today’s highly demanding markets, inventory management should be a top priority across every step of the supply chain. To do this, businesses have turned to automated solutions that adapt to the pressures of faster order fulfillment by increasing inventory visibility.

Businesses are Maximizing Visibility. Here’s How:

Maximized visibility leads to smarter decision making and actionable insight that protects workflows from sudden disruptions. That’s why technologies and initiatives like the ones outlined below have grown in prominence since they expand visibility and adaptability without superfluous costs. More and more businesses have turned to:

  1. Reliable and consistent RFID tracking to show item quantities in your inventory. This transforms your company with unmatched accuracy and complete visibility.
  2. Real-time locationing that manages your company’s critical assets to create more efficient workflows. Zebra offers a full portfolio of hardware options to expertly capture location data.
  3. Label durability that is rigorously tested in harsh conditions to deliver top-notch print quality and rate durability in outdoor conditions. This allows teams to quickly identify and track inventory without wasting time with manual data retrieval.
  4. Instant WiFi response times, like Zebra’s WorryFree WiFi, built to protect connectivity from sudden drops.
  5. Long-range communication channels, like Zebra’s Workforce Connect, that helps field teams communicate better by providing secured communication channels without deploying additional devices and telecom services. Moreover, better communication systems can also be used to unify different steps of the supply chain to make sure inventory moves smoothly from the warehouse to the storefront.
  6. User-friendly traceability, like Zebra’s MotionWorks, that minimize downtime, enhance workflows, and save time and money with automated tracking of your inventory to make sure it complies with all required standards.
  7. Automated data capture that scans multiple barcodes and is easily configurable to deliver faster and smarter scanning.
  8. Remote temperature tracking using wireless technologies like Zebra’s Electric Temperature Sensors, to manage temperature-sensitive inventory such as foods and medications. Sensors readily update users via their preferred handheld device in real-time to prevent spoilage.
  9. Bluetooth sensors that offer mobile connectivity and data-sharing to track the proper storage of inventory and assets alike in any environmental conditions.
  10. Intuitive cycle counting software, like Zebra’s Smart Count, can help deliver more accurate and simpler counts while reducing costs and inefficiencies by eliminating external labor costs and minimizing downtime.

At Millenium Technologies, we are constantly pushing the limits on efficient inventory management. From RFID tracking to Bluetooth sensors, build a smooth inventory with Zebra’s solutions to increase efficiency. Contact us for an analysis of your inventory tracking to see which solution is the best for your business.



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