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An accurate and efficient data processing solution is crucial to the operation of warehouses. If your devices are lagging on capturing data, it can lead to inaccurate asset information, which can cause inventory inaccuracies, lost items, missed delivery dates, and an overall drop in productivity. Additionally, if your business has customized labels to survive different warehouse conditions, you will also need automation solutions that are also built to withstand those tougher conditions. 77% of organizations are serious about automated warehouse systems and are mapping a plan to maximize data-driven performance. Therefore, when it comes to choosing devices, you need ones that optimize data capture and enterprise-class durability to adapt to the harsh conditions, rising expectations, and the competition in warehousing. Without rugged devices that can empower reliable modernization, your business could face these issues:

  • Increased downtime due to human errors from manual data entry or device failure from consumer devices. Consumer devices aren’t built to operate in tough environments or with rugged labels. 
  • Higher costs and inefficient shipping as a result of having other data processing solutions that could be slower, cause more restocks, and are less accurate than rugged devices. Manual data entry cannot keep up with automated data entry’s 99.9% accuracy. 
  • Diminished customer satisfaction from other solutions without automation that could be prone to inventory errors. Automation solutions create a faster shipping process and a more accurate inventory to quickly and efficiently identify the right items. This gets orders to your customers more securely.

Optimize warehouse data entry with Zebra’s rugged devices.

To combat these issues in the warehouse, Zebra and Millennium partner to bring businesses rugged tablets and mobile computers that can accelerate and automate the data warehouse development cycles. To boost your warehouse’s cycle, implement these benefits from Zebra’s devices…

  1. Maximized rugged reliability To ensure your devices last longer in the toughest conditions, Zebra’s rugged enterprise tablets and mobile computers, like the MC9300 handheld mobile computer and L10 Android rugged tablets, are waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof. This helps improve productivity by eliminating downtime spent fixing devices that aren’t capable of working in warehouse conditions. 
  2. Easy data capture and readability – Empower your workers to easily access business data indoors and outdoors with the MC9300’s advanced technology and larger touchscreen. Users can also interact with the screen if they have gloves on or even if the display is wet. The MC9300 also comes with improved data capture capabilities like  optional front and back cameras, extraordinary scan ranges, and superior direct part mark capture. 
  3. Boosted scanning capabilities and longer battery life – Customize and choose the right accessories to magnify battery life, ruggedness, scanning capabilities, and carrying options with Zebra’s ET50/ET55’s flexible accessory ecosystem. Magnifying these components maximizes workforce productivity. 
  4. Enhanced processor power and memory with an ultra-powerful 8-core processor that delivers maximum performance on all your voice and data apps. This keeps the computer running at top speed, so your workers get powerful performance during their tasks.
  5. Magnified inventory management, regardless of your warehouse size – By pairing rugged devices with rugged labels, you make inventory tracking easier in your warehouse by empowering more accurate product counts on shelves.               

The right mobile devices can streamline data entry in your warehouse. Contact us today for a free assessment of your automation solutions.

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