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One of the most important elements in distribution and manufacturing is barcodes for scanning and asset tracking. Proper barcode labels can make or break a warehouse when it comes to efficiency and product management. Having a non-reliable labeling service can lead to…

  • Late or missing deliveries
  • Improper storage and management of products
  • A constant need for rescanning and double-checking
  • An overall higher total cost of ownership (TCO)

Luckily, working with Millennium Technologies can help your warehouse avoid these issues. With years of practice in developing barcode labels and tags, these available products are industry tested and certified to perform at a high level compared to the competition. Combining these items with a Zebra printer can help form a proper labeling solution for your business.

3 Industry Issues that Zebra Labels Resolve

Not every label is created equal. As a result, different industries rely on their tags to serve differently. Zebra labels are built to help fix most of the common problems that are presented within labeling. Here are three design dimensions that make Zebra labels stand out from the competition:

  1. Strong Adhesive – Barcode labels should feature a proper chemical makeup that is durable and reliable. Zebra labels are built for the industry they’re being installed into with a strong adhesive build for better application purposes.
  2. No Debris Clogging – Given their properties and usage, tags and labels can often clog up or build up over time. Zebra products are designed for direct application that won’t clutter up your workplace productivity thanks to the wide variety of available material options.
  3. Lack of Fading – One of the biggest challenges companies have to deal with is labels fading away with time or wear and tear. Zebra labels have enhanced durability for a long-lasting coating and usability, designed exactly for continued usage.

Creating a Custom Solution with Zebra and Millennium

When it comes to a proper labeling system, it’s more than just printers and labels. Based on your company’s chosen industry, as well as size, years in service, and what assets or items you may handle, formulating a custom solution requires experience. Zebra labels can be made specifically for whatever task or role you need for them. To add to that, your business can now receive better pricing options thanks to Millennium’s supply specialization with Zebra.

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