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Discover how Businesses can Improve Traceability with Environmental Sensors

Cold storage of food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals has become more of a priority with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) mandates. This new ordinance requires businesses to create a new facility and/or product plan, including an itemized list of ingredients for products and hazard identification. Tracking these assets is a crucial part of every associated company’s supply chain. As a result, traceability can present potential obstacles in distribution and transportation.

With environmental sensors from Zebra, this process can be made a simpler one. Your business will be able to see more with a line of ready-to-use products. These environmental sensor performances will allow for…

  • A more cost-effective supply chain.
  • Better data insights.
  • Industry enterprise that allows for more customer focus.

Environmental sensor services can be better prioritized as a result. With Zebra sensors, ensuring that assets maintain a certain temperature line is now a realistic possibility, saving your business money and reducing the stress of any potential issues such as food-borne illnesses. Important data such as maximum shelf-life, quantity, and recipe used are all now within your grasp.

Indicators and Electronic Sensors: Which is Best for You?

The two best options when choosing the best environmental tracking technology are indicators and electronic sensors. Indicators are great for a wide variety of temperature-sensitive items. This includes cold, heat, and shipment temperatures. Electronic sensors can monitor these products through portable, Bluetooth-enabled software. These sensors can provide real-time data and updates as you transport products and goods.

Ultimately, both items can handle whatever environment they are presented with and can give reliable data and supply chain visibility for your company. These products give your distribution and warehouse services the tools they need to monitor every step of cold storage item transportation.

If your business is looking to keep up with the latest in FSMA requirements, then make the switch to our available products and services at Millennium Technologies. We work with our clients to provide the best options for optimizing the modern supply chain. Get in touch with our teams to learn more.

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