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While almost half of today’s warehouses are gravitating towards RFID tracking to establish operational visibility, there are other equally efficient solutions when it comes to temperature management. Standing as a cost-effective method to expand visibility, Zebra’s new electronic temperature tracking solutions combine wireless efficacy, enterprise-grade durability, and facilitated data sharing into one highly customizable solution that can help:

  • Prevent inventory spoilage
  • Mitigate compliance fees during audits
  • Accelerate delivery workflows
  • Eliminate manual data entry with automated reporting and analysis
  • Track sudden changes to ensure business continuity

Although temperature tracking has been around for quite some time, Zebra’s Bluetooth-powered temperature sensors provide five key differentiators that optimize ROI, such as:

  • Quick data retrieval – Because manual verification is error-prone, Zebra’s temperature sensors do not require physical contact or USB ports to survey temperatures. That means you can check on your inventory’s temperature through packaging, vehicles, and storage equipment, all without compromising your inventory. 
  • Remote data access – To keep in step with your digitization efforts, Zebra’s temperature sensors enable cloud-based data sharing, storage, and reporting, so your supply chain can remain connected to vital data points without extraneous devices.
  • Customizable settings – Following suit with Zebra’s legacy of customizable solutions, these temperature sensors can be configured to match different cold chain workflows, allowing you to adjust reading intervals, alarms, and start times without any additional software. 
  • Compliance-focused performance – Missed temperature requirements can result in more than spoiled inventory. With this in mind, Zebra’s temperature sensors provide a user-friendly system to give you full access into reported data. In doing so, sensors empower you with vital insight into storage changes, allowing you to quickly adapt workflows to preserve inventory integrity.  
  • Durable simplicity – Sturdy and simple to use, Zebra Temperature Sensors can store up to 16,000 readings and geolocation while operating within a temperature range between -328 to 392°F. Plus, captured data can be accessed via your current mobile device with just a press of a button. 

See how Zebra’s temperature sensors enhance food safety with expanded visibility in our flyer. 

At Millennium Technologies, we are constantly pushing the limits of innovation. From RFID tracking to Bluetooth sensors, build your temperature-monitoring solution with technology designed to thrive in your applications. Contact us today for an in-depth evaluation of your current cold storage operations to find a solution that best suits your needs.  

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