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Businesses are constantly trying to boost productivity with automated solutions to increase scanning speeds, connect dynamic supply chains, and cut out wasted labor and repetitive tasks. 

All these goals can be achieved with a versatile modernization solution like Zebra’s new, sleek, EC50 mobile computer. Fulfill your enterprise goals with a versatile device, built to tackle the challenges of growing businesses with future-forward simplicity. 



The EC50/55 accomplishes this with features such as :

  • Real business durability – This design is immune to water, drops, and dust. The Corning GorillaⓇ GlassⓇ on the touch panel and scanner exit window brings maximum resistance to any scratches or impacts. This device is truly invulnerable. 
  • True smartphone-style ergonomics in a powerful mobile device – The EC50/55 is the thinnest and lightest enterprise mobile computer. It’s readily available to help your workers get any job done. 
  • The easiest data capture experience – With DataWedge, workers can capture barcodes, photos, NFC data, and then automatically send properly formatted information to any existing application without coding. The Multi-Barcode Scanning, Swipe Assist, and Enterprise Keyboard features make scanning barcodes and entering data easier than ever before. 
  • Better connection for your team with convenient voice solutions – Workforce Connect PTT Express connects you to your workers with only the push of a button. You are able to place and receive clear PTT calls over your WiFi network without the purchase of extra infrastructure. 
  • Power for every minute of every workday – The standard battery provides 10 hours of power. An optional extended battery provides 13 hours. 
  • Android familiarity and no training time – Your workers get a device they already know how to use with Android 10. It delivers all the benefits of the latest version of Android, so there’s no learning curve. 
  • Application performance that never keeps you waiting – The powerful advanced SD660 octa-core processor has wired-style voice and data application performance. 
  • More wireless connections – Stay connected with dependable, revolutionary WiFi connections that deliver instant application response times. 
  • Improved device and network security – With over 100 extra security features,  this Android can be turned into a business-class operating system. Enterprise Home Screen easily finds lost devices with Device Tracker, even if the device is turned off. 
  • Multiyear deployment and support – The typical smartphone is only available for sale in the first 18 months. So while the EC50/55 may look like a smartphone, this device is guaranteed to be available for sale within the first four years.  Eliminate the hassle and cost of managing different models and different platforms. 
  • Cut the total cost of ownership (TCO) – Even though it may cost more up front than other consumer smartphones, the EC50/55 will cut your TCO in half with simplified management, long life cycles, and tools to boost your productivity.

At Millennium Technologies, we push ourselves to solve your most difficult challenges. From RFID tracking to Bluetooth scanners, get everything you need and more out of a mobile device with the EC50/55. Contact us today for a review of your workplace productivity to offer an answer for your business. 

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