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As businesses search for new ways to handle rising customer expectations, many plan to modernize supply chain operations with RFID technologies. Bringing real-time visibility to every major warehouse operation, RFID enables faster cycle counts and eliminates manual errors to adapt to changing demands. Despite this, businesses are hesitant to modernize because implementing RFID technology can be time-consuming and costly. More businesses are willing to look past this because of the benefits RFID brings to warehouses. Studies show that 52% of organizations confirm they’re already using active RFID technology in some capacity, and another 34% plan to implement it within the next few years. Additionally, it’s estimated that 73% of organizations are planning to begin warehouse modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. Warehouses that do not implement RFID technologies can fall short of customer expectations and experience more hours of downtime, which stagnates productivity. 


While RFID can seem complex in the beginning, it ultimately helps warehouses meet demands and reduce expenses by providing an up-to-date snapshot of warehouse operations stock levels. It is estimated that RFID’s streamlined approach to warehouse management leads to a 7.5% reduction in labor costs, and in larger distribution centers, that figure can be as high as 40%, which ultimately cuts costs in half.


Modernize your warehouse and reduce expenses with Millennium and Zebra.


To fit the demands of your workflows and provide businesses with effective warehouse modernization, Millennium and Zebra provide easy access to RFID technology and barcode scanning. Optimize warehouse operations and reduce costs in the long run with: 


  1. Superior data capture accuracy that delivers real-time visibility – Accurately and rapidly capturing RFID tags even in the most challenging environments helps workers gain instant access to the information they need. Better data capture of RFID tags and barcodes with valuable insights helps redefine inventory management in your warehouse. A more effective inventory simplifies cycle counts, which improves order fulfillment, helps reduce costs, and satisfies customers. Choose a more efficient data capture process that tracks and locates assets in real-time with Zebra’s RFD90 handheld to streamline warehousing.
  2. Reduced downtime and longer device lifecycles with superior reliability – Devices that are built for challenging environments last longer and don’t require as many repairs as consumer devices, yet they can also improve efficiency. Fewer repairs and longer life cycles help minimize warehouse downtime to prevent higher expenses. Zebra’s RFID readers are equipped with improved drop, tumble, and sealing specifications to deliver waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof capabilities. Ensure that your workers are equipped with reliable devices so they can effectively complete tasks. 
  3. Enhance printing accuracy to deliver reliable data – Empower your workers with the ability to accurately print and encode RAIN RFID labels, tags, and cards where and when you need them. Giving your workers the power to meet evolving demands where and when they need to improve customer satisfaction and workflow efficiency to ultimately reduce expenses. With Zebra’s ZT600 RFID industrial printers, workers can print an expanded range of barcodes, get unparalleled visibility, reduce downtime, eliminate return shipment costs, and increase inventory returns to simplify warehouse management and reduce costs.


While implementing RFID solutions can cost you time and money, it ultimately reduces expenses with superior data capture, reduced downtime, and unparalleled visibility. Contact Millennium Technologies to start your modernization journey.  

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