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Device failure and manual operations lead to less connected workplaces and improper asset tracking. This means your workers are more confused, which ultimately leads to missed deliveries, slower productivity, and dissatisfaction among customers and workers. Coincidently, device failure is the leading cause of downtime. Studies estimate that at least 46% of unplanned downtime is due to hardware failure and malfunction, leading businesses to waste an average of 2,000,000 hours every year on downtime. Additionally, studies show that 75% of light industrial businesses don’t feel fully prepared for 2022, and 60% struggled to keep pace with increased demand last year. If businesses don’t take steps to properly mitigate downtime and prepare for demands, it could cause negative impacts to warehouse productivity, shipments, and deliveries, leaving customers unsatisfied. To combat this, businesses are transitioning to versatile technology solutions that can help them communicate with their team members and get real-time updates on shipments, assets, and deliveries. Effective communication and real-time visibility help your business prepare for demands with…

  • Streamlined data access to help you find the root cause of problems.
  • Consistent optimization because you learn when and where delays occur.
  • Simplified real-time tracking to manage your high demand inventory.

Streamline warehouse visibility with Zebra’s new WS50 wearable computer.

Effectively communicating and ensuring real-time updates depends on the reliability and operation of your mobile devices. Luckily, with Zebra’s WS50, businesses get mobile access to relevant information to quickly complete tasks and boost operational efficiency. This is achievable with…

  1. Enhanced push-to-talk capabilities – Instant collaboration with teams is important to quickly resolve issues and increase staff productivity. Luckily, Zebra’s WS50 wearable computer comes equipped with push-to-talk and task management capabilities to enable better staff management. When issues are solved quicker and productivity is higher, downtime is reduced and your business is more prepared to handle challenges.
  2. Maximum functionality and flexibility – Equipping your workers with one device to capture and access data instead of multiple devices helps them stay flexible to adapt to demands. With three different wearing styles, the adaptable WS50 is ideal for virtually any environment. A device that is capable of use in challenging environments helps improve productivity and maintain consistent visibility across your warehouse.
  3. All the wireless connections your business needs – In enterprise environments, your workers need constant connections to their teams to address issues. The WS50 prioritizes this with standard WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connections to enable robust connections and easy one-tap connections to Bluetooth peripherals. This ensures a secure connection to boost communication.

Rising challenges require your warehouse to prioritize real-time visibility and effective workforce communication. Contact Millennium Technologies to discover how Zebra’s WS50 computer helps your workers communicate and gives them valuable insights.

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