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Mobile technologies are complex and constantly shifting. Current inventory fulfillment issues and rising customer expectations require virtually the whole supply chain to be equipped with mobile technology that helps them meet rising demands. This is because manual operations are not as effective at maintaining visibility and efficiency as automated operations are. In fact, studies show that 77% of warehouse decision-makers agree they need to modernize operations, but despite this, only 35% know where to start automating operations. Additionally, it’s estimated that 73% of organizations are planning to begin warehouse modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. These demands for modernization are due to higher rates of manual error, with 62% of warehouses citing human error as the biggest cause of order fulfillment issues. If your warehouse isn’t planning to modernize or doesn’t know where to start, it could lead to higher error rates, inaccurate shipments, slower productivity, and ultimately frustrated customers.


To begin warehouse modernization, decision-makers must first assess the requirements of their business to select the right technology solution. While enterprise tablets and mobile computers can both deliver reliable durability and advanced data capture, there are specific benefits for each that work better in certain environments.


Choose the right technology for your operations with Millennium and Zebra.


Every team requires technology to help them maintain efficiency, but choosing the right device between a tablet or mobile computer helps ensure consistent efficiency. That’s why Millennium and Zebra partner to provide workers with easy access to tablets and mobile computers, see the benefits of each to help you make your decision:


  1. Enterprise functionality from touch computers – Improving mobility comes with both tablets and mobile computers, but certain mobile computers come with an industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular consumer-style smartphones, along with the durability, enterprise-class features, power, security, and manageability your business requires. This helps streamline training times and reduce repair rates. Additionally, for scan-intensive environments, touch computers like Zebra’s TC51 touch computers deliver lightning-fast data capture of 1D and 2D barcodes, even if they are damaged, dirty, or poorly printed or displayed on a screen.
  2. Rugged durability paired with the ability to mount on any vehicle on tablets – Tablets can deliver a higher level of durability that operations might need as they are built to handle drops to concrete, rain, snow, dust, extreme heat, subzero temperatures, spilled liquids, and even a hose-down at full force. Zebra’s ET51 enterprise tablets provide this and more with a shatter and scratch resistance display and vibration testing to ensure the tablet is ideal for use in practically any vehicle.
  3. Enhanced mobility power – Your workers depend on mobile devices nearly every minute of the workday. With Zebra’s mobile computers, batteries can be replaced and deliver an impressive 14 hours of power for the longest shift. Touch computers can provide your business with simple and familiar multi-touch operations that work even when wet for best-in-class readability.


Mobile computers and tablets both deliver maximum durability and data capture capabilities for your business. However, mobile computers can be built to deliver higher mobility and functionality, while tablets can be mounted on vehicles and can be designed for more reliable use in more challenging environments. Choose tablets for hazardous environments and mobile computers for when your team needs advanced functionality.


Every business needs its mobile technology. Contact Millennium Technologies to start your modernization journey today.

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