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Workforce communication leads to higher productivity and faster workflows in supply chain industries if done correctly. Proper communication leads to a more unified workforce with smoother workflows, but inconsistent communication leads to unnecessary costs and drained expenses. Studies estimate that poor communication costs businesses with less than 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year. Additionally, more surveys show 86% of workforce respondents blame poor communication as the main reason for company failures.

Without proper communication, businesses could suffer from incomplete visibility that leads to long delays, inefficient deliveries, and worker safety concerns. Delays and hazardous working conditions lead to more accidents, decreased accuracy, and diminished customer satisfaction. If your business is suffering from one of the following challenges, it could risk safety and productivity:

  • Struggle to contact workers
  • Incomplete task management visibility
  • Uneven distribution of information

Without a unified digital workplace that fosters collaboration and increases engagement, information gaps could continue to grow and front-line morale can decline. Unified communication and proper assessment lets information flow freely and collaboration happen naturally.

Connect and Protect Your Front-line with Millennium.

Fortunately, you can unify your workplace with a comprehensive digital software solution built to eliminate information gaps and enhance visibility. Unlock communication capabilities with powerful voice and messaging features to connect and empower front-line workers. A company with a complete connectivity solution for their front-line workers helps:

  1. Manage tasks to track work and assignments – Clear communication enables fast and simplified task management to create smoother efficiency. You can assign tasks to individuals or groups.
  2. Reduce legacy hardware – More legacy devices in your warehouse or plant can lead to complex workflows and interrupted productivity. Replace your bulky devices like 2-way radios and stay connected with reliable mobile devices and connected software.
  3. Contact teams to eliminate group huddles – Connected messaging allows teams and managers to text about important task information. Through a fully connected platform, workers can use push-to-talk for 1 on 1 or group communication.
  4. Improve worker safety with real-time security – Get real-time alert and alarm notifications to detect falls, send alerts, or place emergency calls. A safe workplace is easier to work in.

Improper communication can cause incomplete visibility that endangers worker safety and supply chain productivity. Get a free assessment to see what unified communication looks like in your business with Millennium Technologies.

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