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Mobile devices play a significant role in securing efficiency and productivity in the supply chain. Since many businesses ground their foundation on the technology they use, it’s now necessary to properly secure devices or risk higher expenses. Studies indicate 70 million smartphones are lost every year, with only 7% recovered. Surveys also show losing important assets like mobile devices cost stores $50 billion annually. Unsecured devices or improper storage can lead to a higher risk of stolen, lost, or broken devices. Therefore, how businesses store devices often has an unrecognized impact on operational efficiencies. If your device storage solution lacks adequate security features or a purposeful design, your operations could suffer from:

  • Damaged or lost devices
  • Obstructed workflows
  • Lost productivity
  • Shifts in overall profits

If your enterprise doesn’t have a storage solution at all, it’s risking higher expenses and lower productivity to damage overall supply chain efficiency. When looking for a storage solution, make sure to find one with dependable features, expert designs, and seamless integration.

Benefits of Intelligent Storage Solutions.

Fortunately, intelligent storage solutions allow your operations to optimize how your enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked, and managed. Enhanced mobile device management helps create the most efficient use of devices and workers while protecting efficiency to save time and cost.

With intelligent cabinets, you maximize the long-term performance and lifecycle of devices through effective management. Long-term performance makes every device ready for enterprise use during every shift with dependable features, an expert design, and reduced interruptions. Intelligent cabinets accelerate workflows and deliver high ROI with:

  1. A free workforce that delivers user accountability – Focus more on your operations with a pre-installed Zebra Access Management System TM to consolidate device management. Simple management reduces damage and empowers users with more uptime.
  2. Reduced device loss, damages, and repairs – Store up to 100 devices and reduce human error by allocating specific devices to users. Expanded and more accurate storage helps track assets to reduce lost and damaged devices. Additionally, prevent device loss with flexible security options, rapid and secure access, and faster storage.
  3. Minimized device costs – Eliminate the strain of managing device connectivity with reliable WiFi, 4G, and Ethernet Compatible capabilities for secure network communication. Get instant software updates and adaptable power options for up-to-date operation and improved battery life.

Dependable device storage solutions like Zebra Intelligent Cabinets free up productivity and efficiency while securing your devices. Contact us for a free assessment of your mobility and storage needs.

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