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Upgraded tools and technology ensure businesses have the higher accuracy and speed needed to fulfill more orders and surpass expectations. Businesses with dependable computers, wireless devices, printers, tablets, software, and RFID solutions help refresh the order fulfillment process and prevent disruptions. Despite this, studies indicate 36.8% of employees say their company’s technology is outdated. Outdated technology can hinder productivity as studies estimate workers spend an average of 520 hours a year on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated with updated devices. Outdated technology costs businesses around $13,000 per employee annually, which equates to a $1.8 trillion annual loss. Additionally, outdated technology leads to other issues like:

  • Equipment failure
  • Increased operational costs
  • Risk of downtime
  • Higher maintenance contract costs
  • Inability to meet rising consumer demands

Businesses suffering from just one of these issues could risk overall supply chain productivity and inflated expenses. More reliable equipment that replaces legacy technology can be harder to find, but businesses need it to meet consumer demands and avoid failure and high costs.

Easily upgrade with Android’s latest technology

Fortunately, you can get the latest technology for modern warehouse solutions and optimize efficiency with Android tablets and mobile computers. When you refresh your modernization solution with Android, you get consistent updates and the right performance for business needs with:

Expanded scanning capabilities and secured data – Android’s advanced scan engines help capture virtually any barcode in any condition. Tools like Zebra’s MC9300 come with Extended Range Imager to capture barcodes in hand and on the upper warehouse racks from 3 inches to 70 feet away.

Easy mobile device management and integration – Make Android refresh and device management simple, easy, and cost-effective with devices that run apps right out of the box without training. Devices like the VC8300 also offer flexibility with an integrated keyboard to give your workers familiar interaction.

Superior rugged computing – Devices built to last lead to less equipment failure, more uptime, and therefore fewer costs. Especially in the supply chain, devices built to handle use and abuse in demanding environmental conditions help deliver modernized performance. Android’s devices are virtually waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof with IP65 sealing and withstand extreme temperatures for reliable operation.

Flexible and functional performance – Meet the needs of demanding jobs with devices that can be used as different models. Devices like Zebra’s L10 Android tablet lets workers use it as a laptop replacement with a fully-functional keyboard for data entry or they can remove the keyboard for easy standing use.

Businesses that upgrade or refresh your modernization solution with Android devices make workflows smoother, more efficient, and better suited for supply chain demands. See how you can get cost-effective, easy modernization with Zebra when you request a free demo for your technology needs.

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