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How to Build a Mobile Printing Solution

In the world of fast-paced order fulfillment, every second is crucial to meet consumer expectations and remain competitive. Therefore, it is no surprise that mobile devices have risen to prominence, since they empower distribution centers to accelerate throughput without extensive travel between workstations. Most notably, mobile printing stations consume up to 42% less time when compared to traditional, static label printing stations. If implemented correcting, mobile printing solutions enhance workflows by:

  • Ensuring items are tagged on the spot
  • Reducing idle time waiting for printers
  • Delivering crisp barcodes in every run
  • Increasing order throughput without overwhelming workers

What to Include in Your Mobile Printing Solution

Enterprise hardware has a proven track record of decreasing operational costs since they are less likely to easily break and be replaced. An enterprise-ready printing solution should include:

  1. A Rugged Mobile Printer – At the heart of your labeling system, the mobile printer should be durable enough to handle the heat of thermal printing at high volumes. For example, Zebra’s ZQ600 Series Mobile Printers provide lightweight, compact printing power ideal for high-volume demands typically found in warehouses and manufacturing plants.
  2. Intelligent Printing Software – Ensuring interoperability and seamless integration, your printing software transforms data into manageable and readable barcodes. Moreover, software like Zebra’s PrintDNA amplifies your printer’s functionality, enabling remote device management, ongoing updates, and optimized performance without burdening your IT team.
  3. Reliable Data Security – While they may not store crucial data, peripheral devices like mobile printers are often prime targets in today’s cyberattacks since they tend to be overlooked. As with any digital solution, a mobile printing station should include a layer of data protection to ward off unauthorized users from connecting to your device.
  4. A Dependable Connectivity Network – Your mobile printer needs to connect to your WMS to retrieve and print data. Therefore, experts recommend assessing your connectivity system to make sure it can accommodate additional devices without dropping or slowing signals. Printers with multiple connectivity options (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) can simplify pairing and accelerate setup.
  5. Pre-Tested Labels – Lastly, to properly display identification information, your printing solution will require durable labels and tags. Zebra’s Certified Printing Supplies rise to the challenge, with custom labels leveraging smooth surfaces and strong adhesives to maximize printhead lifespan and protect barcodes in different storage environments.

Every business is inherently unique; therefore, additional factors may be needed in your facility to develop dependable printing workflows. Meet up with our automation team to learn how you can build a mobile printing solution that grows alongside your needs.

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