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To meet shifting consumer demands, your manufacturing, warehouse, and transportation workers need technology they can rely on to effectively maximize end-to-end visibility. Your vital workers need rugged devices that last full shifts, are specifically built for the work they do, and bring the value of a desktop computer into their fields. Device failure costs an average of 30-40 minutes of worker downtime. Extra downtime from device failure can leave your workers unprepared to complete tasks, which therefore will limit productivity. To prevent downtime, many companies are implementing rugged enterprise tablets. In fact, according to Zebra’s recent public safety study, 95% of field service agencies plan to implement rugged tablets without keyboards, and 90% plan on investing in rugged 2-in-1 tablets. This is because rugged enterprise tablets offer many benefits to high-demand enterprise environments such as:

  1. Enhanced work-in-progress tracking  with at-a-glance visibility – Built to deliver reliable visibility despite the inevitable drops, these tablets are dust-tight and resistant to mud, even if the ports are open. The fanless thermal design is ideal for manufacturing clean rooms and other contaminate-sensitive environments so your workers update workflow status from anywhere in their facility without compromising device functionality.
  2. Boosted device availability for busy warehouses – Zebra’s rugged enterprise tablets are thinner and lighter than other 2-in-1 competitors with the same screen size. Plus, they provide your workers with simplified data access, and are built to deliver reliable operation despite inevitable drops. Maximized durability and greater battery power helps these devices stay running for a longer time, so workers can complete tasks without sudden downtime. When your workers have faster access to important information and aren’t subject to downtime from device failure, your warehouse maximizes visibility and maintains consistent productivity.
  3. Enhance logistics connectivity – Streamline connectivity for drivers with faster WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth speeds. Empowering your drivers with support for WiFi 6e, 4G/5G, and Bluetooth 5.2 ensures they are connected along their routes for higher safety and information access. Additionally, with the enhanced flexibility of enterprise tablets, your drivers can transform the tablet into a laptop to fit the needs of pick-ups, drop-offs, or deliveries. This simplifies workflows and enables efficiency.

Learn more about Zebra’s ET80/85 Tablets in our video.

Enhance warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics workflows. Empower higher reliability and faster data capture capabilities with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program.

Follow these steps to enhance your warehouse with purpose-built reliable technology:

  1. Purchase a qualified product
  2. Submit your reclaim form
  3. Trade in your legacy devices

Rugged enterprise tablets are built for warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics environments.  Contact Millennium to see how enterprise tablets can help improve your supply chain.

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