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The global warehouse automation market is expected to see a $28 billion increase by 2026. Since warehouse automation is already gaining traction fast and is expected to rise with the boost in e-commerce sales, it’s important to see how warehouse automation fits into your modernization solution. Emerging automation technologies target operational speed, inventory visibility, and data security, providing warehouses with benefits such as:

  • Faster employee onboarding
  • Greater data security
  • Higher inventory accuracy
  • Reduced downtime

While current automation plans can help secure these benefits, new emerging technologies like robotics and machine vision promise to revolutionize warehouse efficiency by empowering workers with greater adaptability and visibility.

3 Next-generation technologies that will enhance your warehouse.

  1. Robotics – While not every warehouse is ready for robotics and AMRs, small-scale automation brought on through handheld devices is a good place to start getting workers accustomed. These technologies can automate repetitive manual tasks so your workers can focus on more important tasks, and can reduce manual data entry so your inventory is more accurate. Automating repetitive tasks and improving inventory makes warehouses more efficient and accurate.
  2. Machine vision systems – Machine vision technologies succeed at augmenting visibility without disrupting your workflows. Machine vision technologies can help your warehouse workers meet increasing demands by reliably performing simple quality inspections on the production line. This helps improve visibility because it reduces defects, and validates order assembly and tracking information. Improved visibility and reduced defects lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Android for Enterprise – Android is emerging because its operating system provides businesses with secure operations and consistent updates. Android offers users enhanced control of the OS update process and support for future versions of Android. Android brings warehouses increased data security, a user-friendly interface that speeds up training times, an open app ecosystem that integrates new apps without backend modifications, and seamless TE screen modernization. This all helps your workers stay secure and productive to boost warehouse operations.

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