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Choosing technology that achieves multiple objectives can boost productivity across your warehouse and eliminate costs. Versatile technology helps businesses adapt to shifting demands, stay efficient, and ultimately has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Your warehouse workers accomplish more with versatile technology, which helps minimize the impacts the labor shortage has on productivity and efficiency. When operations upgrade their warehouse systems from manual to automated, they enjoy a 25% gain in overall productivity, a 10-20% gain in space use, and a 15-30% more efficient use of stock. In other words, without proper automation and versatility, warehouses are more likely to be unprepared when facing sudden surges in demand and smaller workforces. 

Consolidate vital workflows with one versatile mobile device.

Built on a long history of agile adaptability and flexibility, Zebra’s MC9300 handheld mobile computer has become a foundational tool in the past when it comes to ensuring maximized productivity. The ultra-rugged handheld computer empowers warehouses to stay productive and efficient with simple, expanded capabilities that allow your workers to accomplish more with one solution. 87% of decision-makers are currently in the process of or planning to expand the size of their warehouses by 2024. Therefore, choosing to upgrade to new technology now can help your warehouse stay on top of shifting demands and maintain a competitive edge. Choose Zebra’s MC9300 for more flexible workflows and minimized operational costs. 

  1. Protects real-time inventory visibility with extraordinary scan ranges and superior direct part mark capture. Advanced data capture capabilities improve your inventory’s visibility because it simplifies data access and accurately informs your workers about your assets. Additionally, the MC9300 improves battery technology for longer cycle times and visibility into battery metrics. 
  2. Greater data security with LifeGuard for Android – Empower a secure operation with the security updates you need to keep your Zebra Android devices secure every day they are in service. Streamline end-to-end control of the OS update process, plus support for future versions of Android. 
  3. Consolidates multiple workflows in one terminal – Combining different tasks through one terminal helps your warehouse workers save time by working on different workflows in real-time, at the same time. 
  4. Android for enterprise speeds up onboarding – Empowering your workers with Android familiarity helps them quickly adapt to the devices, and the integrated support for your TE apps makes it easy to migrate from Windows to Android without backend modification or user training.
  5. Built to last so you spend less – When you equip your workers with an ultimate ultra-rugged combination of keypad and touch in a mobile computer, you get superior reliability. Zebra’s MC9300 is tested to withstand multiple 10 foot drops, built with IP67 and IP65 sealing, and designed with field replaceable keypads. 

Take productivity to the next level with the evolution in the world’s best-selling industrial computer. Enhance device reliability and data capture capabilities with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program.

Follow these steps to enhance your warehouse with purpose-built reliable technology:

  1. Purchase a qualified product
  2. Submit your reclaim form
  3. Trade in your legacy devices

Take productivity to the next level with the evolution in the world’s best-selling industrial computer. Contact Millennium to estimate the ROI your warehouse should expect with the MC9300.

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