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New Product Alert: Zebra’s New TC22/TC27

Lighter. Faster. More Integrated.

There’s a reason why automation has emerged as a breakthrough in retail and smaller warehouses.

It’s the best approach to running a company logically and more effectively, and it’s the only way for smaller enterprises to compete with the powers of big, globally scaled corporations and online businesses. Now it’s gotten just that much easier for businesses to scale and advance with the introduction of Zebra’s new TC22/TC27 mobile computer.

So why upgrade? Well, all too often it feels like there’s a disconnect in communication and connectivity disruptions that plague the retail space. In a minute-by-minute industry, there is
no room for costly interferences that disrupt the harmonious flow of information processing and relaying. The TC22/TC27 device will take everything previous Zebra models have perfected and give even more.

The TC22/TC27 Difference: The Unique Features and Value-Adds

  • RFID adaptor with eConnex
  • Built by design 20% larger and 10% thinner
  • Workforce Connect is installed and ready to deploy
  • Choose between standard SE4710 or advanced range scan engines
  • Introduction of Mobile Payment with Zebra Pay
  • Device Tracker to ensure your digital investment is monitored
  • Full suite of mDNA tools to manage, protect, and optimize your device

Yes, you read that right. You can optimize even further and gain even more control over daily operations with features that allow you to integrate with your current systems in place and catapult new flows that will manage the front and back end of your store.

Take care of tasks like:

  • Order entries
  • Information capture
  • Price and inventory checks
  • Assisted selling
  • mPOS
  • Training employees
  • Asset management
  • Shipping and receiving

Why work in fragments? Every one of these tasks is crucial to the efficiency of your business and work together to carve out a whole customer experience. Never lose track of the pulse on your business and its customers with the new TC22/TC27 model.

We know you want to know some of the more fine-tuned details. We got you covered.

The Specs

  • Enhanced Ergonomics—6” FHD+ display, 450 Nits
  • High-Speed Connectivity—Grazing 6E and embodying 5G network connection
  • Location Tracking—GPS with A-GPOS
  • System Storage—6/8GB RAM and 64/128GB Flash memory
  • Removable Batteries—Removable and Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • Intentional Durability—IP68 Sealing against dust and water

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Interested in switching? Meet up with our automation team who will carefully consider your unique business model and provide suggestions for system upgrades that benefit you and your consumer.

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